Our garments recognise the splendour, delight and magic of being a child

At Toro, not only do we explore great lengths to create vintage quality kids wear, we cherish the moments spent
as parents and our garments recognize the splendor, delight and magic of being a child.

Toro remembers that time when we were all young, had no boundaries, believed we would live forever and enjoyed days fun-soaked in adventure.

At Toro we believe that childhood is a time of fun, playing, socializing, exploring and creativity. And our garments are made with this in mind.
All our garments are made from durable, comfortable, pre-shrunk 100% cotton leaving kids to run and play freely.

Cotton is kind to the environment and kind to the body, feeling soft to the skin, which is a delight for children.

Our vintage styled with a modern flare cotton garments are made to not just create a unique wardrobe for your child,
but also compliment their wardrobe. Available from new born to seven years.

Comfort & durability - just what kids need!